The methods and results of raising the dead seem to be inconsistent across the board. What are the pieces of a person that you need to put back together to bring them to life? Just a body? Body and soul? What part does the mind play in it? How important is each piece in the whole bringing-back-from-the-dead thing?

Does the magic “undo” the death, or does it reanimate them? Does the magic sort it all out? Is it really the same person as it was before, or are they a clone or some kind of copy? When you create one of the undead, how much of the original person remains?

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “the undead” vampires were actually soulless demons (with few exceptions), whatever that means. Characters could be revived by magical means, if they suffered a “magical death.” Whatever that means. :P

In Guild Wars, death is a minor inconvenience at best. There are “resurrection shrines” sprinkled throughout most of the regular maps, where the characters conveniently re-incarnate when the party gets wiped out.

In the Heroes of Horror supplement (one of my favorites) for Dungeons & Dragons, there’s a table of “resurrection mishaps,” though now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound like a nice thing to actually use on the player-characters. It might make a good background, but it’s the sort of thing that it’s better to discuss with a player rather than directly imposing.

How much does it cost? What are the repercussions? Do you remember anything from the afterlife? Is there an afterlife? My goodness gracious, there are so many things taken for granted in games. :)