One of the stats I get for the website is a list of “search strings” that people use to find the site. One of the new ones that just popped up was “Frida Night Sprites.” The moment I saw it, I saw two wonderful puns — the day Friday is named for the Norse god Freyja, and so I saw it as “Freyja Night Lights” combined with the second, more obvious pun in “Friday Night Sprites” — both of them playing off the name “Friday Night Lights.” I’m a big fan of double- and triple-layered puns, where the jokes are so thick you almost can’t get to the idea buried beneath it. It’s one extravagance I can’t pass up. :P

Anyway, I decided that this phrase was interesting enough that I looked it up in Google to see how exactly someone else arrived at my website through the search string, and I stumbled across a random community wiki for amateur game designers interested in creating their own sprites. I only glanced over the site, and it looks sparse. There are a couple brief tutorials about shading, nothing I didn’t know already, but hey, it’s nice to find stuff like this.

I quickly checked through a couple of the other wikis in the Game Design Novice network, though not enough to get a good feeling for what it’s on about or just how useful it might be. At the moment, I’m noting it for later examination. Being an amateur game designer myself, this sort of thing interests me (see: any article in which I mention Inform 7 or my adventure Escape from White Cliff).