I sat down to get some stuff for White Cliff “on paper,” as it were, and while I managed to get some stuff typed up, it took forever to get anything on the page. I sat back after nearly an hour and reasoned that maybe if I wrote in my notebook for a while, it would loosen up my writing muscles so I could get back to it. Within a few minutes, I realized what I’d been doing wrong all along — I was trying to write the adventure like it was a final draft or something!

I was seriously putting all this effort into making sure I got the tense and detail and all this garbage right on the first try, it didn’t even occur to me that because I was trying to get it perfect, it was taking exponentially longer. I know I have this problem, from time to time, and I really need to just let go and write. It’s just supposed to be an exploratory draft, and I have all these weird demands on my style and formatting, and I’m just trying to get something on paper.

I remember this was a problem that plagued my writing as a kid. I mean, I didn’t want to have to write more than one draft, so I put all my effort into getting right the first time. It takes forever! Doing multiple drafts is so much cleaner and more efficient — not to mentioned faster! Jeez! It’s a bad habit, this perfectionist writing thing, and it’s something I’ve got to work on if I’m going to write professionally. I mean seriously, I’m a writer, not an editor. :P