First of all, the title isn’t strictly true. It was written with the intent to give me a good lightning rod for some ideas. This started with a short conversation I had with a good friend on Facebook, in regards to my entry that mentioned the Golden Rule and how it related to her, how it related to me, and all that. She wrote to me about how she often treated others better than she was treated by them, and I replied with my own experience — giving other people space to go about their lives without interference.

I guess it was when she said that made me appear standoffish that I took pause to look up the word and think about its meaning, and what it meant to me. Reserved? Haughty? Aloof? Unapproachable? Unfriendly? For some reason, this time, when I thought about it, I seemed capable of applying these words to myself. Generally speaking, I am scornful and condescending. I have a lot of pride, which I cling to desperately to stay afloat. I am emotionally distant, reserved, unreachable, and unassailable.

Now that I’ve started to think about it, and kind of accept it, I ask myself why. I actually like people, when they aren’t being selfish, dramatic, insincere, and generally uninteresting. I think, unlike a lot of people, I actually but my worst foot forward, content that if someone finds me interesting after they’ve seen me at my worst, then maybe they deserve to see me at my best. I’m actually a pretty nice guy, I just don’t like to waste time on people who don’t care about me, don’t want to invest time, or want to manipulate me. I like people, and I think I’m actually a pretty likable, approachable guy.