There I was, writing my brains out, when suddenly the Guild Wars music I was listening to stopped sounding like the Crystal Oasis, and more like the Macalania Woods. Did I have a stroke? Maybe it’s the stress? I did a short Write Or Die session and I think I may have overclocked the creative center of my brain — what the hell? I feel eerily calm, like I just noticed the birds stopped singing and I’m in a hunter’s sights. I sort of feel energy flowing back into me, and the Macalania Woods were a soothing area of the game.

Speaking of Macalania, the last time I played Final Fantasy X, I didn’t fare too badly. The first time around, I got stuck on that one mountain for ages. I fought those purple bomb-ombs and the four-armed yeti things, and I got thoroughly and repeatedly trounced. This last time around I think I also got a lot more of the “strategy” of the game’s combat system. I got into the habit of switching characters in and out of battle to make sure everyone got experience and all that. Totally had a ball with the sphere grid.

Overall, I’m not sure how I feel about FFX as a Final Fantasy game. It’s no more or less linear than the other entries, but it seems the illusion of non-linearity was shattered forever. The whole voice acting thing, the videos — I don’t know, for the first time to me, it seemed less that I was playing a game, and more that I was watching a really long and repetitive movie, or maybe a TV series. I think I’d probably play it again, though, so I don’t know if it achieved the goal? I don’t like it and I don’t dislike it. I think I was disappointed, though. Weird.