Shadow Magic, also called Dark Magic, Arcane Magic, Hermetic Magic, and Divination, is the seventh and final state in the Wheel of Seven States. Shadow Magic is the magic of exploration, learning, experimentation, and discovery. It’s the magic used by philosophers in the pursuit of truth. The study of Arcane Magic is the closest thing the ‘verse has to scientific pursuit, as like Natural Magic it seeks ever to expand its boundaries, and like Void Magic, represents the infinite and the unknowable.

Owing to logical, rational, and methodical approaches, Arcane Magic represents mathematics, geometry, algebra, and a number of abstract concepts that haven’t yet been discovered by the world at large, but are found in the teachings of select scientists and philosophers in remote locations of the world and in the employ of kings.

Users of Shadow Magic attest that, like shadows for which the magic is named, this state is ubiquitous, penetrating and permeating every aspect of the multiverse, from humans and beasts and plants, to the gods and their domains, to all the other six states of magic. Though Shadow Magic lacks the taboos that modern society attaches to its practice, Dark Magic users often find themselves at odds with practitioners of other types of magic for the way they warp the fabric of the world; the way they infiltrate and interfere with anything and everything the shadow touches.