With Natural, Primeval, and Elemental magic well in hand, the next entry in the Seven States of Magic is Ritual magic. Sometimes known as Storm magic, Tradition magic, or Divine magic, Ritual magic is the stuff of laws and oaths, vows and pacts. On the other side of the discipline/harmony line from Chaos, Divine lends itself to focus and resolve and creates harmony through rigid structures and guidelines.

Divine magic grants power through what might be considered a self-imposed challenge; it’s about making promises, commitments, and then following through. Power is made in bargaining and remaining true to one’s word. One of the Creative forms of magic, energy that is generated through promises kept and expectations met is used to feed other forms of magic in the Wheel of States.

Of all the various states, Divine magic has the most basis in real-world mythology — the stuff actually believed in and worshiped by real people. Ritual magic is the magic of repetition, prayer, and belief — expecting the same results by performing the same tasks. Banks and moneylenders, politicians, medicine, there are many things that occur because people believe they will. Faith magic makes it happen.

No religions were harmed in the execution of this magic system. :P