With an age and practice that spans the length of eternity, Entropy Magic is next in the Wheel of States after Spirit Magic. Sometimes called Void, Oblivion, Cosmic, Fate, or Occult Magic, this state represents the vastness of creation, its incomprehensible nature, and its inevitable doom. The few mortal practitioners hold that true creation occurs only through a constant cycle of destruction and rebirth, and this state represents the endpoint of that cycle, and in fact, the Wheel of States as a whole.

This state draws inspiration from the Legacy of Kain series and from the concepts of the Entropy sphere found in Mage the Ascension (from which it also draws its name). One of the destructive states of magic, Entropy draws energy released when a thing is destroyed — it can be said that everything can be reduced to something less than it is, even a thing thought thoroughly destroyed can be annihilated further. And yet, it isn’t a permanent or irreversible dissolution, it’s a transitive state, between destruction and reintegration.

Creatures dedicated to Entropy Magic exist apart from others who value what is perceived as a continual, uninterrupted existence. Beings representative of Entropy are remote and aloof, beyond the realm of mortal ken. Cthulhu and his brood, if they have any place in the Wheel of States, are to be found here — beings beyond knowing, minds too insane to perceive; revelations known to drive entire peoples mad and bring advanced civilizations to their knees. Permanence through impermanence, eternity through oblivion, clarity and wisdom through insanity.