Following the Primeval state, the next State of Magic is Chaos, Elemental, or alternatively, Psychic, Mind, Balance, Abstract, or Mental magic. It has many names because it is many things. Chaos magic is Nirvana, it is enlightenment, it is the Random Number God. It can be compared to the whimsical Primeval magic and to the rituals and rigid traditions of Divine magic (the next in the circle of Seven States).

Chaos magic is the pinnacle of freedom of action without thought. Chaos magic is all the elements of the world living and working in harmony with one another, acting independently, yet part of the same whole. Balance of power through constant change. Chaos magic is equality through inequality. Chaos is discipline from harmony.

Elementals, as creatures that spring from the little eddies in Balance, are agents of that Balance. They act in accordance with their nature, and seldom intentionally sway from their methods and ways of thinking, though being creatures of Chaos by nature, their reasons and ideals may change from day to day, while their methods remain the same, working instinctively out of a desire for balance and harmony.

Aang, from Avatar: the Last Airbender provides a great example of a Chaos magic-user in action. An incarnation and agent of Balance, he manipulates the environment around him to bring peace and order to a land suffering under the tyranny of an oppressive ruler.