Right now I’m looking at my options for another year of Rumors of War. I set high expectations for myself in the beginning, then they jumped up higher again when I started putting ideas together. I’ve reined in an awful lot of my ideas so I could keep things manageable, and it’s only recently that I allowed myself the blog as a significant distraction from the comic. So far, things seem to be going well enough, I’m not afraid of the blog taking over the comic, even though I’ll rack up more entries than comic pages soon.

I’m throwing around ideas right now, whether it’s going to be possible to maintain more than one comic at the same time as, say, writing original fiction or Interactive Fiction. There are lots of different things I want to work on and I have to constantly remind myself to rein things in, that I only have enough time to do so much, and that I’m more or less alone in creating content for the website. I haven’t even decided if I’m going to “renew” Rumors of War for another year, yet.

I originally envisioned doing a lot more comics by now. I didn’t have the patience and the focus to work on that much comic at once, though. To say that there’s more going on behind the scenes in RoW is putting it … mildly. There are as many as three ongoing stories involving other characters that have been introduced in the story itself. (And some that haven’t!) How those characters and their stories will ever come to light is … a bit beyond me at the moment.