It’s kind of hard to get an adventuring party started, to get an adventure properly underway. There’s a reason why lots of them go along the lines of “you all start in a tavern.” I actually had a pretty good idea of how I wanted the beginning of the adventure to go, and so what I did was ask the players a couple quick questions, and then basically took them through a montage of events, pausing at intervals to give them choices of how to react to certain events, but for the most part, they went along with the flow of things.

When I turned control over to them, they had boarded a ship (like a pleasure yacht) and were on the ancient equivalent of a three-hour tour. As the sun began to sink, and they started to make their way back to shore, another “pleasure yacht,” this one actually full of carousing men and women who invited the party aboard. People started to make their way below deck, and the party is cornered by a strange man, dressed in ragged robes, who assaults them, spearing to death one of the NPCs with them.

A fight erupts and they fight the man and his entourage. The man in the cloak sloughs off his skin and is revealed to be a hideous, tentacled monster that tried to chew through the party, while the women with him turn our to be disposable, exploding, fire bomb-like creatures. The fight escalated until holes were punched in the side of the ship, and soon the party found themselves fleeing the rapidly-sinking vessel. When they arrived back on the top-deck, they found that the vessel they’d come from was nowhere to be seen, and land was nowhere in sight. The ship went down, and they went with it, clinging to the wreckage like rats. Thus began the Plotluck campaign. :D