This weekend is going to be an exercise in my ability to keep up. Not unlike the last … many weekends, it’s just that this one will have the added obstacle of maybe not actually being near a computer or Internet access. I look forward to meeting this challenge head-on! Part of my plan for this whole thing is to update whether I’m at a convention or not, making sure I have plenty of content to continue updating regularly, even when I’m AFK. I’ve got a ton of work sitting on the back burner right now, just needs some attention and some polish, and I’ll make sure you’re entertained through the weekend. :D

I’m heading to Anime Banzai this evening! I just bought a camera last night so I could practice taking pictures and starting conversations with cute, nerdy girls! I mean, it’s kind of weird, and I’m not actually expecting it to be successful, but pigs have flown before, so there’s no reason they can’t now, too. I’ve got to remember to make copies of my little webcomic pamphlet to take with me and hand out this weekend. I should make an effort to take some awesome pictures to put up here, too! People love pictures! I should make sure I get people’s permission, too. :/

Actually, that brings me to an interesting point, here. What do I do with all these pictures I’m allegedly going to take? I don’t have an account on any photo-sharing sites, what am I going to do with them? Helpful suggestions would be helpful in this regard. I recognize the name of a place like yfrog or something, but I have no experience in the area of uploading pictures. Can anyone help me out here? I’d really appreciate it! :D