Halloween is this weekend. I’m not planning to do much — I’m not dressing up and I’m not handing out candy to kids who trick-or-treating (at least, I don’t plan to). I’m not really going to any parties, unless you count the kick-off party for National Novel Writing Month that’s happening on Saturday. I’m going to be writing this weekend, working hard to finish the next chapter of Rumors of War so it can start going up on Monday morning.

I think I actually … I think that’s pretty much all I have going on this — wait, that’s right. I have the D&D game on Saturday night. The kick-off party is in the early afternoon and I have the game in the evening. *yawn* Otherwise, I’m going to try to relax this weekend. Next month is going to be hell on toast. I’m going to have to focus on writing as often and much as possible. Going to try out Scrivener and make use of Write or Die.

I’m looking forward to working on The Dragonslayers in a few days. I guess I ought to go through my notebooks this weekend and see if I can dig up my outlines — Scrivener should give me the option to turn my outline into “note cards,” which I can expand with writing — almost like this “phase system” that I keep meaning to plug (and regularly forgetting).