I have mixed feelings about this weekend. I’ve been running myself ragged the last two weeks, and I kind of think I should say “to hell with it,” and kick back. But I have responsibilities. Self-imposed responsibilities. The kind of stuff that I made promises to myself to uphold, and all that. If I don’t take it seriously, who will? That sort of thing. And at the same time, I don’t want to burn out. But I don’t want to be lazy. It just goes back and forth like this. The thing is, I know I need a holiday, so I’ll have to find a compromise.

Saturday night, I’m going to celebrate my friend Megan’s birthday. (I’ve even got a gift!) I know that I’m quickly running out of time to draft, script and build Chapter 17 of my comic, and I’m thinking I should wait to start until Monday. I should try to rest as possible this weekend, and write as many blog entries before it begins, so I have to do as little writing over the weekend as possible. Hell, if all goes well, I’ll probably wind up writing a ton this weekend, simply because I’ve decided not to. It’s weird like that. :)