For what will be the third week in a row, I will make some sort of plan for what I will accomplish over the course of the weekend. This is important to me because I feel as though I accomplish very little on the weekends, which should be my time to catch up and/or advance my projects, yet whenever I come down out of a weekend, it feels like all I did was lie around and sleep or eat or read TVtropes.

Last weekend, I managed to get an exploratory draft of Chapter 15 done of Rumors of War. It was enough that a couple days later, I was able to write a draft almost from scratch, and last night I built the first several pages. Before the end of the weekend, I’ll finish building the rest of the chapter, and I’ll see what I can do about getting started on Chapter 16. I have more than a week, but I hate being rushed like this.

Chapter 15 actually turned out quite differently, in concept, than I expected. It means some things will take new meanings, but it’ll also mean that I’ll advance some plot threads that have been left hanging since the first story arc, earlier this year. They won’t be immediately resolved, of course, ’cause I have other plans, but if you haven’t seen an overarching storyline before now, you might see one by the end of November, if not sooner. :)

I have D&D on Saturday night, as usual, and I have entries to write for the blog this weekend. I’m going to talk about some of my influences for the comic over the next couple days, and finally get into some of the character stuff. It’ll depend on how talkative I feel. Keep an eye out for it!