Ugh. Bad start to the weekend so far. I mean, it’s only Friday, but my last several weekends have started with planning. This morning I woke up … very slowly. It took me a while to get up and about, and I was a bit late getting out the door, where by “late” I actually mean “on time” instead of “on the early side.” On the train this morning, I focused on what I was going to do this morning, and the first thing I figured on doing was clearing the blog-hurdle. Gotta get my four posts. That would be first.

Once I got the blog out of the way, then I’d have to focus on completing the Chapter 16 script for Rumors of War. I have an exploratory draft done, with all the basic important stuff, but it isn’t what I’d use to build the chapter. *grimace* No, I need to do blog entries first, then Chapter 16. I need to build it tonight because tomorrow is the last page of Chapter 15. Not last minute at all, no, I’m just keeping my strip buffer up so I don’t literally have to work on daily-updating-webcomic every day. *shakes head*

The rest of the weekend is kind of foggy after that. Finish Chapter 16, then get to work on the first draft of Chapter 17. D&D is Saturday night, remember that I have to keep plugging away at White Cliff as sanity and schedule permit. Maybe make some progress on the revision of my story The Creature in the Quarry. (Would underline instead of italicize, but can’t find tags…)