I previously mentioned that I’d written up an outline for an adventure in four acts that I wanted to run using the Mage setting, and here’s a brief summary of the notes I took for that:

Act One: Mistaken Identity (misdirection is a theme)
The spirits and sentient creatures of the natural world are laying siege to the city where our heroes begin for unknown reasons. We lead into this by first having faeries and elves attacking caravans and merchants, which the heroes must protect, which leads to raiding parties and culminates in an actual siege of a city the heroes must end.

Act Two: Armies of Hades (failure is a theme)
Foreshadowing in the previous act (scenes involving fey explaining the reasons for the attacks) leads us to believe that there is a third side in the conflict between the human and sylvan races: the undead. In the aftermath of the siege, the dead on both sides rise and lay siege to both sides, destroying them utterly and scattering the people to the four winds.

Act Three: Source of the Ghouls (survival is a theme)
The heroes venture into the Underworld to find out why the dead are rising from their graves only to discover, after fighting their way through hordes of undead and making the perilous journey into the Underworld, that Hades has nothing to do with it. They secure his aid, though, to turn the tide against the real foe, still unknown.

Act Four: Into the Lion’s Den (revenge is a theme)
With the help of Hades and an army of shade allies, the heroes fight witch-fire with witch-fire and rout the undead army, then search for its creator. They find their enemy is closer to home than they realized, and descend into a labyrinthine structure to bring an end to the madness, once and for all.