I’m exhausted. I’m staring at all the work I’ve let pile up over the last week and I’m frustrated. I don’t know if I’m not motivated or what, but I’m looking at everything and feeling helpless. Not totally helpless, though, and that’s what this entry is about. I’m calling myself out, here, I’ve put off a lot of stuff until the last minute. Shame on me. Sure, I had a lot on my mind this last week, and I have project-panic because lots of deadlines are rushing me at once.

So, I’m going to make sense of it. I need some semblance of priority and control. I’m not helpless. Let’s start with some facts. It’s October 17th, and I haven’t finished Chapter 16 of the comic. I can’t continue to work on the blog when I have no page buffer. I need to finish the chapter, so I can continue the blog, which promotes the comic. The comic is more important than the blog, but finishing the blog now will give me a short-term boost. Like nitro in a racing game.

I have about an hour before this goes live. I’m going to do the following: I’m going to finish this entry. Then I’m going to write another one, and schedule it for 8 PM. I’m going to open the script I’ve got for Chapter 16 and grab myself a soda, and I’m going to reread what I’ve got so far. At least two or three times, one of them out loud. When I finish my soda, I’m going to go take a shower, and while I’m in the shower, I’m going to think about what I have written.

Clean and refreshed, I’m going to write at least five more pages of script and build at least three. That will give me time until Thursday, and that’s something I’ve done before. I just need to break down this monster task into things I’m familiar with. Once I’ve got these things in line, which should take me about three to four hours, it will be almost 8 PM, and I will be done for the day. As long as I get four pages of script and three pages of comic, I’m good.