You may notice I added a cute little widget to the blog, in anticipation of National Novel-Writing Month, which is November; I actually clicked the “done” button that’s on the Write or Die page, and it came up with all this different stuff. I think I’ll probably eventually replace the widget with an “official” one from NaNoWriMo, if one exists (I’m sure there is one, I just haven’t checked yet). Consider it a placeholder. :D

Last year, I promised myself a laptop if I won NaNoWriMo. It was my fourth attempt and I wasn’t about to lose again. My laptop, Thanatos (which I got as an “early Christmas present” for myself), is a constant reminder of my victory last year and a major turning point for my writing. I’m going to tempt myself with another gift this year — I have a bunch of PSOne and PS2 games and nothing to play them on, so if I win again this year, I think I’ll finally buy myself a PS3.

The PS3 isn’t as … useful as Thanatos, but I’ve kind of been meaning to get a PS3 for a while, to replace the failing PS2, and then when I moved out, I left the PS2 behind, ’cause the thought occurred to me that my roommate would probably make better use of it than I would. I don’t regret the decision, I just want to get a new machine at some point so I can play my games. Also, I can check out some of the PS3 titles from a couple years ago, which should have come down enough in price to be finally worth it. :P