I attended the Kick-Off Party for the NaNoWriMo 2010 for my region and I had a great time. I’m normally a very shy person who just likes to talk a lot, but we had these little Bingo cards with details in the boxes that we were supposed to talk to people to fill out, which means that strange social interactions were totally acceptable. I’m terrible at what I’d call “normal” social interactions, but strange, temporary ones seem to suit me.

I talked to lots of people, enough that I actually started to wear my voice out, and I heard about a lot of novels. I’m looking forward to coming to the write-ins — even though I’m terrible at getting writing done at them, it’s just to different from my normal writing environment for me to focus at all on writing — and I’m looking forward to talking with and getting to know some of the other writers in my region better.

Participating in NaNoWriMo last year eventually got me to CALLIHOO and meeting with other writers on a weekly basis. I know that alone has done a lot to improve my writing, who knows what hanging out with other writers will do to me? *chuckles* I received a wonderful compliment this afternoon — I was mistaken for a college student, probably ’cause I’ve got that cool, calm, collected look, like I’ve got it all together. LOL

Yeah, I could totally go back to college, now that I’ve got the look down. :D