After the NaNoWriMo Kick-off Party, Rowan, Dylan, my mom, and I all went to see the movie Red and then went to eat at Tres Hombres afterward. Wonderful movie, wonderful food, wonderful company. I don’t think there was a better movie to see with a better group of people at a better time, than Red, with friends and fellow writers, two days before National Novel Writing Month begins.

Red stars Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker, who make an adorable romantic couple — I was going to say something else just now, but it occurred to me that this is Romancing the Stone for the Sin City generation, and that is all that is needed. Parker’s character is a bored and frustrated call center worker who reads romance novels and dreams of travel. Willis’s character is ex-CIA, and someone’s trying to kill him.

John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman all have wonderfully quirky supporting roles as Retired, Extremely Dangerous former agents of the CIA. Malkovich is hilarious and insane, Mirren is adorable, and Morgan Freeman is … Morgan Freeman. Brian Cox also plays a Russian ambassador who is … adorable. I usually only laugh at horror movies, so when I say this movie had my sides splitting, you’d best take heed. I don’t laugh that much at anything.