You’re going to have to just go with me on this one, ’cause it’s hard to imagine me ever recommending something like this, but trust me — just trust me. I picked up Attack the Gas Station from an FYE because the name caught my attention. A name like Attack the Gas Station jumps out at you. It jumps out at you and says “Hi!” And that’s exactly what it did, no doubt about it. So I picked up the movie on a whim — and I got not just what I asked for, I got a whole lot more.

I bought the movie back in 2006/2007, and I didn’t watch it until I went to visit my friend Don and attend Dundracon in February 2007. It was the sort of movie that one doesn’t watch for the first time with their roommate, it’s a movie that had to be watched with a best friend, the first time. I mean, just that first time. I think Megan just wanted me to screen the movie for her, I don’t know. But Don and I watched it and were blown away. Since then, Megan has insisted on showing the film to some of those most random people, as if using the film to screen them for potential.

Attack the Gas Station is about four Korean punks living on the street, taking what they please and beating the ever-loving crap out of people who get in the way. They rob a gas station in the beginning of the film, and then they rob is again a short while later for the hell of it. When it turns out there’s no money for them to take, they start taking hostages instead, and that’s when the real fun begins. The movie’s full of lots of interesting, quirky characters, if you can get past the coarse language. I refuse to listen to the English dub, preferring subtitles and the original audio track.