Okay, I’ve decided I’m going to make designing and running Escape From White Cliff an “official” priority. That means, unlike most of my other projects (apart from the comic and the blog), White Cliff gets attention when I can slip it in between other things. I don’t know when I’ll have time to work on it, but rest assured, I’ll have it going on in the background. One of my goals is to actually plan out the entire adventure before I being running it. I’m actually planning on writing it all up, too.

I talked to the group I play Dungeons & Dragons with last night, and everyone seemed cool with the idea of me running an adventure at the end of the Pyramid of Shadows. I plan on comparing notes with our current DM and working with him to get White Cliff placed somewhere in the world we’re already adventuring in, with the party we’ve already got going. I don’t want to start up new characters with everyone — if anything, I want to help arm our characters for the adventures we’ll have in the future — by equipping them now, at the beginning of the paragon tier.

We’re behind in the equipment and treasure we should have, it’s hardly a secret. Anyway, I think we’re missing out on some of the really cool stuff we could be doing with magical items, so one of the things I’m actually going to do when I sit down to write this adventure, is figure out the treasure our party could really use, then see if there’s any way to make those items fit in the context of the adventure. Having the location of the adventure be an arcane university should make obscure or bizarre magic item placement a cinch. :P