I have something like thirty drafts sitting in the database here, waiting for me to add to or revise them so they can go live. Some may never see the light of day, though, ’cause whatever spurious notion that gave birth to them has disappeared beyond my reach. It’s very frustrating.

When I write, there has to be a bit of passion that goes into it, even if that passion is panic-flavored. Sometimes I see something I absolutely must write about, or I have an interest in something that frequently puts me in a writing mood, but many of these other ideas just seem come and go as though possessed of their own will.

Some things are easier to write about when there’s already some writing done. When I work on a chapter of Rumors of War, I’ve found that sometimes the draft I wrote the first time around doesn’t have to be anything like the draft that ultimately goes on the site, so long as I have some thoughts on the page. It’s quite vexing sometimes. :O

I remember co-writing some fan fiction with my brother, where he would lay down the groundwork on a story, and then I’d take what he’d written and frequently bend it into a completely different shape. I convinced myself at one point that I could either design or develop, but not both. Well, I think I kicked that attitude to the curb.

I’m far from great, I’m not even confident that I’m any good, but no matter what I say about myself, I can write. I don’t have to like anything I write, and if I’m like lots of other writers out there, I’ll probably reach a stage where I begin to disown my earlier works, but like it or not, I write.