I had a completely different entry planned for this afternoon, but when I saw this video on a friend’s Facebook page, I knew I had to write about it instead. Today. Like, now. This video is just shy of 10 minutes long, and I think it’s worth watching to the end. Some places might have a fireworks display, and I’m not really suggesting that fireworks aren’t awesome, it’s just that I know a bit more about lighting and projectors than I do about fireworks, which makes this AWESOME.

I took a lighting design class when I was in college, I think because it was required for the Theater Major. Maybe I had a choice, but you know, I learned a lot about color and light in that class, and I got to do some cool backstage work while I was at it. I did some lighting designs, though generally, all of the designs that actually go used were by this jerk named “Jeff,” I think, who for some reason was a lighting guru because he ran lights at rock concerts. I guess that was cool, but I thought he was a jerk.

So, I think this thing with light and projectors is AWESOME, and it’s because I know how much time those sorts of projects take, how complex they can be (the video’s 10 minutes long, for goodness’ sake, and it takes forever to create cues that are only a couple minutes long), and how bloody expensive projectors can be when you’re trying to light something, like say, a clock tower. I’m not really sure what’s going on, and if we’re watching the history of the tower being projected on it, but it looks damn cool. :D