The Pity Party is not actually the Democrat’s response to the Tea Party, ’cause this isn’t a politics-related post. (Ah, what could have been.) Actually, this is related to one of my previous posts on here and my general down attitude whenever I catch myself staring at the website traffic and the comments I get on the blog posts. One of the things discussed in the “Posting Fan Fiction” panel I attended at Anime Banzai said not to complain about a lack of comments and reviews on your stories. That made sense.

And then I put two and two together (did I get four? who knows!) and realized that I stand to gain nothing from whining about how I get no comments on my blog. It’s just one of those things I’m going to have to remind myself of, over and over again, that I’m doing the blog for myself, not for the comments. I’ll probably slip up, again and again, since I’m human and all, but the point is that I certainly don’t want to wallow in misery and self-loathing. I don’t really think that no one loves me. I just forget.

It isn’t anyone’s job to remind me that I have no good reason to be depressed (actually, I’m sure I have tons of good reasons, I just happen to have fewer than other people I know), and this blog does serve as a place for me to get out some of the stuff that’s on my mind. So, in a way, I’m asking for you to ignore and/or forgive my lapses in self-esteem, and in a way, I’m telling you to just put up with it. I mean, I have some other great stuff to say, and I’ll get to it all … eventually. :D