This is the sort of time when it would be great to have a blog buffer. I don’t have one at the moment, I’m mostly writing these as the need arises, and this morning, I’m just not feeling it. I stayed in bed longer this morning than I usually do, stayed in the shower longer than I needed to, and took longer to get dressed and brush my teeth than necessary. I’m just not feeling it today. *sigh*

Bored? Depressed? Tired? I think it’s (D) all of the above. Scraped together enough energy to get this, I’ll do what I can to get the rest of the day in order. I’m just not with it this morning. Which actually reminds me of a fun exchange with my friend Stephen on Facebook the other day:

Nick is really out of it today. :(
Stephen gives Nick some of it.
Nick is full of it.

Kind of looking forward to the weekend, maybe if I actually start hashing something out, so I can “get with it.” Wait, scratch that, I don’t need a bunch of terrible entendres following me through the day. I should stare at stat blocks or read through some character builds or something. Maybe spend the day on TVtropes. Something to cheer me up. *yawn*