I’m growing quickly more familiar with the types of spam comments that you might find on a blog. I’ve gotten quite a few comments about how there’s “something wrong with how the site looks in Opera.” Very simply, my answer is “I’ve downloaded and viewed my website in Opera, and there is no problem, you stupid bot.” My site uses several very simple pieces of code to run, and should be viewable on most browsers. In fact, it should look virtually identical regardless of what browser you’re using.

I noticed a while back that spammers seemed to be getting a little more intelligent. At least, the spam that was being sent to my work email sounded almost relevant. Then I would check the text in the body of the email and quickly figure out that it was spam, and then it would go away — the key mistake was that they’d try to get me to go through links or open html files or something like that. Oh, and the other mistake they made was in sending a thousand nearly-identical emails. Smooth move.

I’ve actually been using the same hotmail account for almost a decade at this point, and my spam is almost non-existent. In fact, most of the spam I get these days is made up of newsletters that I signed up for legitimately, Yahoo! Groups that I haven’t been a member of in years that I can’t leave for some reason (stupid Mikomicon Yahoo! Group), and crap that’s addressed to my dad. (I’m looking at you, Newsweek and Bed Bath & Beyond!)