So, over the weekend, I watched some gameplay videos from Guild Wars 2, and an irrational fear began to build up inside of me. In particular, I was watching the video for the necromancer class, and trying to make sense of what I was seeing. The player was using a Charr Necromancer, and there were undoubtedly some awesome things going on, but also, there were some very troubling questions that were raised in my head, by that brain of mine that never stops analyzing things.

I noticed that the damage was calculated in the hundreds and the character’s hit points numbered in the thousands. I really hope the character being used was just a starting from a high level, because those huge numbers were intimidating. There were a lot of critters on the screen at once and it was difficult to keep track of what was going on. This might be something that can be adjusted to with exposure, but it still triggered alarm when I saw lots of numbers flashing on the screen. Probably a baseless fear.

The necromancer seemed to blink in and out of a green-tinted screen, which I think represents the class’s new “shroud” ability. Seeing the screen going back and forth like that concerns me a little because the way I’d pictured Shroud, it was more of a “desperation” ability, or an “encounter endgame” utility power, that grants the necromancer staying power for those longer battles. Probably nothing to worry about, just a bit of dissonance in the preconceived notion area.

And to leave off on a positive note, it looks like monsters will be able to wander right into Outposts. I imagine that big cities will probably have guards that keep critters out, but maybe as part of that whole Event Chain thing, since monsters can advance and take over places, Outposts can be overrun even as your party map-travels to help defend them from being overrun. It looked pretty cool, but also akin to being spawn-killed by the AI. Not sure how I feel about it, but generally positive.