Beginning in the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I started into a style of writing that I don’t think I’ve ever quite left behind. I wrote fan fiction for Invader ZIM, because I was obsessed with it, and I collaborated with my brother to create a series of stories to continue where the TV show left off. All told, we wrote eleven stories, ten of which are mostly finished, and can still be found online. We’d planned a lot more, but those were the only ones we finished before moving on to other things.

My account on has six of the stories we wrote together, and used to have the original, which I took down to do some heavy revising before eventually reposting (I’ve got a print copy in a box somewhere), and my brother’s account lists the other four stories we wrote. The last work we co-authored (and never finished) was inspired by Revolutionary Girl Utena and the ZIM episode Game Slave 2.

I considered making this another entry in “Projects I Wish I Had Time For” but I don’t have quite the same draw to the writing as I once did. I’d love to pick up the pieces and finish what I started, but it seems so far and away from what I’d do now that it’s almost like the stories were written by a different person (albeit an insane and somehow awesome person). Eventually, I might be persuaded (by myself) to edit, update, maybe tweak some of the stories and post them here. But probably not. :(