I find inspiration in everything I do. Everywhere I go, everything I see, everything I hear, everything I smell — most of my regular writing takes place on the train in the morning, as I head to work, and on the bus in the afternoon as I head home. I stare at people (and try not to get caught staring), I overhear conversations (I can usually tell what movie my coworker is watching when he should be working), and I ask lots of questions. Playful questions. And I try to extend the rules of fair play to everything I do.

Halloween is coming up, but I don’t really have anything planned. I don’t usually celebrate holidays at all, but I might watch clips of the Rally to Restore Sanity on YouTube or Comedy Central or something. I’m really looking forward to the rally, I think if I were a bit younger, or a bit older, or a bit more politically active, I’d actually go to the rally, and it would mean something to me. I’ll be there in spirit. It just isn’t practical to arrange for a hotel and transportation to an event in DC right now, even one for a cause I believe in.

I’m looking for ways to spread the word about my blog. And my webcomic. I’m looking at other blogs. Do I have time to read other blogs so I can make meaningful comments and connections? I think what I need to do is find some kindred spirits and affiliate with people who have similar interests. This month will lead into the next month, and before we know it, 2010 will be over, and the new year will be upon us. (Isn’t that an ominous-sounding cliche?) Looking for opportunities to expand and improve, here. Hunting down opportunity.