I just went on NaNoWriMo the other day to reactivate my account and update everything for last year’s victory (yay!) when I decided to casually browse the forums. I don’t hang out on the site much ’cause it’s crazy slow most of the time, but I was easygoing enough that I put up with it so I could get a quick look before disappearing until November. Bored, I chanced into the section of the forum dedicated to writing tools, and found a link to a curious little website with an application called Write Or Die.

I tried it out, it’s pretty neat. You set a word goal and a timer, then you choose the levels of evilness and depravity, and hit go. If you go “kamikaze,” as I did, if you pause too long between writing, the application begins erasing your manuscript, and if you set it to “evil,” as I did, then the amount of time it takes for it to start doing this is comparable to the amount of time it takes you to scratch your head.

Needless to say, I had a blast. Not the best writing I’ve ever done, surely not. But fun, nonetheless. I’m sorely tempted to practice this style and then implement it when November rolls around, finishing my daily writing in, what, thirty? Forty minutes? I set a 1,000-word goal and a 10-minute timer. Admittedly, I only got to 500 words (not counting how long it took to delete and retype several sections), but I continued writing afterward and got to 1,200-odd words before quitting. It actually resulted in something like FOURTEEN new blog drafts.

I think I like this site, and I think I’m going to make use of it. If I find I really like it, I might even pick up the desktop version. :D