I’m trying to make sense of this website, it’s mind-boggling. It says that it’s a study of king-lists, and it contains some chronologies — I’m feeling confused and overwhelmed. I think there’s some valuable information on this website but I’m not sure how to even start making sense of it; states and rulers, lists of dynasties and kings, and genealogy.

I found it while skimming through articles about anthropomorphic personifications in Greek Mythology (Ananke, the god of destiny, who seems to have disappeared and/or been replaced over time, poor girl), which led me to demigods, then quickly to kings, and to nations (I always wind up back at nations, somehow), and I followed a link to this page, which I can’t even find on the site!

I’m pretty sure there’s something here that I can use, probably in conjunction with my mapping project. Once I can start — ah, it’s driving me nuts. I mean, obviously it’s really helpful to have lists of kings and dates and locations and names of places, it’s just … ah! Information overload! This website almost needs a wiki just to explain how to get to and understand the information on it!

I figure at the very least, I’ve got some more person- and place-names. :)