Stumbled across this rather ridiculous-looking 2D strategy-ish game called Delve Deeper. Judging by the gameplay in this video, it looks a lot like Worms, but with the objective being to delve deep beneath the surface fighting monsters and discovering treasure. Along the way, you fight other teams of prospecting dwarves, who all seem to bear a remarkable resemblance to Yosemite Sam (maybe they just visit the same hairdresser).

I’ve yet to pick up a demo, but the adverts say that it’s $5 on Steam, which far and away makes just about any game worth trying. If I plug the game here, I might remember to download it and try it at some point. *shakes head sadly* In the meantime, I’ll just imagine the manic-depressive dwarves from Dwarf Fortress killing each other (and goblins, and kobolds, and megabeasts) Worms-style. It’s a fun place, in my head.

Developer Lunar Giant Studios has another game in production, called Touch of Death, and they have a fun-looking development blog for their studio. I love what they have to say about marketing Indie Games:

“Always market early. Start your marketing campaign on Day 1: the inception of the idea. Doesn’t matter if you have nothing to show anyone yet. Do a development blog, start a funny cartoon, send out emails and newsletters to people telling them about your idea, keeping them updated on your progress, etc.”

I’m all for blogs, funny cartoons, and progress. Progress is nice.