I know I’ve already mentioned Zero Punctuation at least once because I noticed when I went to enter the tag “Zero Punctuation” for this entry, it auto-completed for me — stupid auto-complete function, what if I wanted to type Zero Functionality, and had just transposed and garbled the F and P keys and never mind — since it’s Wednesday, and Wednesday’s the day Yahtzee updates with a new video, I thought it would be a propos to mention that I’m a fan.

This week, Yahtzee reviewed Halo: Reach, which I finally learned was a prequel — I’d been wondering what it was supposed to be for a while and couldn’t be buggered to look it up. Thank you, Yahtzee, you devilishly handsome game reviews critic, you. If it weren’t for your cruel but fair game reviews, I might’ve actually had to do some research.

I like Yahtzee because his reviews are informative and he doesn’t actually tell you what to think or do. He tells you what he thinks of a game and leaves the decision as to whether to buy the game up to the individual viewer. His reviews are highly critical, so the only way you’d be safe in not buying a game he’s panned is to never buy a game he’s reviewed. That way, you probably won’t play anything interesting, either.

Listening to his reviews gives me hope — I live in this little bubble in Salt Lake, where I don’t get to compare notes with other gamers that share my particular tastes (hell, I lived in a bubble in California, too) — hope that somewhere, there are people who want more from their games, who want characters, story, dialogue, and gameplay that aren’t flat, dull, dry, and repetitive. I don’t know that the gaming industry’s necessarily getting better, but I have hope. :)