I’d like to tell everyone about my friend Lindsay! She’s talented, amazing, and pretty, and she has a YouTube channel called Linzer Dinzer TV, which you should totally check out because YOU LOVE IT. Lindsay talks about pop music in a style that’s both subtle and in-your-face. I think it probably has to do with the fact that she’s very passionate in what she’s talking about, while still letting you come to your own conclusions. Subtle AND in-your-face.

I don’t know much about music videos, but I do know a bit about lighting, directing, and design. I know next to nothing about music, but when I listen to Lindsay talk about pop music and music videos, I feel a little bit more informed. She uses her enthusiasm to empower me as a viewer to understand whatever she’s talking about. I think it’s probably a combination of the writing and the attitude, probably something in her choice of words, the way she presents the topic, and it’s obvious that she cares about her music. :D

My introduction to Lindsay’s Internet presence was through another video that I can’t find at the moment, but my introduction to her show was through Trey Songz Bottoms Up by Anthony Mandler (and more!), which I would recommend seeing, if for no other reason than it worked for me. (The first video of hers I saw was a delicious little rant to people to “get their Justin Bieber hate off my Internet” because it’s just pollution.) Now, go forth and watch her videos! Because YOU LOVE THEM! :D