I had another entry planned for this morning, but this personal revelation trumps my other personal revelations. I love a good satirical piece (I’ll have to gush about Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal and Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock some time), and I love what Angry Town Hall has to say.

I think their criticism is particularly relevant with what I consider a pandemic degradation from national unification to personal isolationism. I understand people are angry, and the increased access to information in our era has exposed the fact that incompetence and corruption exists in almost every part of our lives. I think it’s difficult for some people to see the benefit in helping others.

My reaction to the message was one of revelation: “Fire departments should demand paperwork from anyone whose home they save, in case they are illegal immigrants. We, as a people, don’t support illegal immigration, and thus, we shouldn’t save the homes of people who don’t have the decency to enter the country through legal means.”

Follow-up thoughts included some along the lines of: “Our government shouldn’t offer public education for children, because their parents may have entered the country illegally. That, or we should increase security at schools to make sure that only legal citizens have access to our crowded and underfunded schools.”

I tease because I love. I’ve never really thought of myself as patriotic, but I feel pain when my country hurts itself. I want socialized medicine for the weird people who live in the neighborhood next to mine so their kids don’t look fragile with plague. I’ll happily pay more taxes so other people don’t get sick. I work for a living! Paying taxes is a patriotic duty! :D