Zombies Ate My Neighbors is a classic arcade-style action/adventure game. You run around levels of ever-increasing difficulty, avoiding and dispatching zombies and other monsters while trying to rescue hapless victims on each level. Now, it’s been years since I played the game, but if I remember correctly, you’d progress to the next level as long as you rescued at least one of the victims, even if the monsters got all the others.

Of course, rescuing the victims was the main way how you got your score and extra lives, and those levels were fraught with perils — zombies and otherwise. Exploring the levels gave you the weapons you needed to fend off zombies (which in a few/some/lots of/many levels would respawn) to get to the victims, but if you took too long to rescue a victim, the monsters would get to them, and that’s fewer points, and fewer lives for you in later levels (where you’ll really need them).

I’m not actually playing Zombies Ate My Neighbors right now, it’s sort of on the back of my mind right now — nor am I burning to play it, unlike the entries on the huge list of games that I haven’t finished, but it’s a game I’d like to finish at some point. I think I got as far as Mars Needs Cheerleaders or thereabouts, and it’s a game I’d like to beat someday. Still, it’ll stay on the shelf for now, while I draw on my memories for ideas, instead. :P