Yesterday, I began to describe one of our Dungeons & Dragons campaigns from years ago, the DEEP SEKH campaign. One of the foundations of the campaign was to explore evil characters with a more realistic perspective. One of our main complaints with the portrayal of evil characters in different media, was that evil characters were typically shown as maniacal, blood-thirsty, two-dimensional, monsters. Which is kind of interesting … but only sometimes.

The characters we wanted to explore were simply amoral. They had ideals and goals like any other character, they just had fewer reservations about things like lying, murder, betrayal, theft, and cheating. Our first chance to try this out was when one of our own party turned against us, deciding we were just too evil (it was pretty stupid for Jack to make a paladin in a party of powerful Evil characters to begin with) and we were put in a position where it was safer to simply kill them.

When we crawled out of the dark elves’ prison, we found ourselves on an unfamiliar plane of existence, with no immediate means of returning to our respective homes. We were greeted at the edge of civilization by a strange voice that welcomed us to “DEEP SEKH.” As we had decided our characters were, at that point in time, hungry, and on a quest for food, we posed the question as to what there was available to eat in this DEEP SEKH, to which the character replied with the immortal line: “We EAT!” (Don quickly followed with “That’s all he says.”)

We were still in our first or second game session by then, so we weren’t really “evil” characters, just somewhat amoral, re-skinned heroes. We’d already killed one of our own party members, but that was self-defense more than a deliberate act of evil.