One of my very first posts on this blog was a fanboy squeal over the Necromancer from Guild Wars 2. Now, Guild Wars 2 isn’t out yet, so I can’t actually review it, but I can speculate about the powers described on the website preview. Special necromancer powers include those that fall in categories described as “wells,” “minions,” and “marks,” and unique profession features that include “life force” and “death shroud.”

In the first Guild Wars, “wells” were centered on the body of a fallen friend or foe, and they created an area effect that usually carried debuffs, like inflicting blindness, health and energy degeneration, and weakened armor. From the description on the website, GW2 wells will be centered on the necromancer’s location, similar to an aura, rather than requiring a corpse. They will likely have buff/debuff effects similar to GW wells, as we haven’t been given any indication otherwise.

Minions, shown in one of the demo videos, don’t appear to need exploitable corpses to be summoned. (Yay!) Similar to the “chain” concept described of warrior powers, minion powers will have a secondary power made available once minions are in play, probably based on minion-exploitation powers that exist in Guild Wars, such as Blood of the Master and Taste of Death (healing), Putrid Explosion (self-destruct), Dark Bond, and Infuse Condition (damage mitigation).

Mark powers, I imagine, will be comparable to the Ranger’s traps, and will probably draw from Guild Wars necromancer skills like Fetid Ground (poisons foes), Malign Intervention (diminishes healing), Mark of Fury (grants adrenaline), Mark of Subversion (spell interruption), and skills like Order of Pain (boosts damage).

The death shroud power is the one that intrigues me the most, since it makes a mechanic of an attribute that seemed inherent to the necromancer: durability. The idea is something along the lines of the GW soul reaping attribute giving the necromancer “borrowed time” when they’d otherwise be knocked out of a fight. That … sounds like a lot of fun. :D