I’ve been avoiding writing about this for a while, partly because I’ve already written about it before, but also partly because I’m not sure how to cover it in so few words. The injustice that I speak of is the requirement for necromancers (in general) to have corpses on hand to work their mojo. It makes a certain amount of sense, if you consider how valuable those undead servitors can be. They don’t eat, they don’t sleep, and they don’t talk back.

But there are often in-universe examples of other characters summoning minions that are just as powerful and/or useful (if not more-so), without requiring the inconvenience of digging up a body first. The druid class from Diablo 2, for instance, summons animal allies without requiring more than the energy to cast the spell. The Ritualist class from Guild Wars only requires energy to summons its otherworldly spirits. Clerics, druids, and wizards in Dungeons & Dragons need bodies for zombies but not for summoned allies.

Which may bring up a good point — are undead allies considered summoned? In Warcraft 3, necromancers require bodies to create Skeletal Warriors, but they have a lifespan of less than a minute and are destroyed by spells designed to counter summoned units. Should the undead be considered alive, and thus able to be bled or wounded? Should they be considered animated constructs, and thus devoid of will and reason? Should they be considered summoned, to disappear when the magic supporting them goes away?