In 2003, as the year was drawing to a close, my friend Don and I, together with our friends Keith and Jack, decided that we weren’t getting enough Dungeons & Dragons. We were already playing once on Thursday night but when Saturday rolled around, and none of us had anything to do, one of us would make a phone call to another. These phone calls usually occurred between the hours of nine and eleven and went something like this: “Hey, I know it’s late, but I really want to play D&D.”

In those days, our pseudo-philosophical discussions would often turn to the shallow portrayal of evil in various media — movies, TV, and video games — and how we thought we could do much better. At one point, Don expressed an interest in running a Saturday-night game, and from that, DEEP SEKH was born. My largest contribution to the setting was no doubt the silent letter ‘H’ at the end. DEEP SEKH was then, and remains, a creation of Don’s.

Our adventurers — a half-fiend demon (no, that isn’t redundant), a battletoad rogue, and a paladin fish-out-of-water (figuratively, not literally) — began their careers as prisoners of war, one we fought in and lost, to the dark elves. We escaped from our captors and had nearly gotten out of the dungeon when we discovered our companion, the paladin, was a crusader for good. After she slew a valuable informant and attacked our party, she was restrained and slain by our party (Keith’s battletoad Manti’char did all the work, really, my demon Ru’rar just took damage and whined), her body dumped unceremoniously into an acid pit we’d encountered earlier.

This would set the tone for the many glorious adventures to follow. :D