The first incarnation of Elric Darme appeared after I left the Serenity game with my Shepherd. I still had a desire to push the boundaries and find what was great about playing a Good character. I was interested in using options from the D&D Book of Exalted Deeds. Actually, what I really wanted was to try playing a saint. I wanted to take the exalted feats, play an awesome good character, and maybe be martyred eventually. I don’t know.

I’d previously had the opportunity to explore evil characters in our DEEP SEKH campaign, but how can there be evil without good? I’d developed such a loathing for Good-aligned characters over the years, especially Lawful Good characters, like cleric-healers and paladins and whatnot, and I wanted to see what the other side was like. The shepherd was my first attempt, and Elric Darme was my triumphant second.

My friend Jack wanted to run a D&D game, and I wanted to play a cleric. Elric Darme began as a character in a solo adventure, and he was designed from the ground up to be as close to an actual pacifist and a friend to all living things as I could muster. His main forms of attack were the calm emotions spell and his ability to talk his way out of trouble.

His early adventures were pretty successful. He saved several villagers before they could succumb to ghoul fever, rid a local swamp of its ghouls, and prevented a newly-hatched black dragon from rampaging through the village. Elric made strides in converting the black dragon to the side of good (black dragons are always evil) and probably would have succeeded if the campaign hadn’t ended when Jack ran out of ideas. Oh well.