Some time after the solo game ended, Jack asked me to come help stir up activity in a game he was running on a forum, over at NarutoFan. I took a look at the forum and immediately despised it. People had huge, gaudy signatures, the website was covered in banners and advertisements, and people seemed to post less than fifty words at a time, which looked ridiculous next to their bloated signatures.

Elric was 4th level, and my condition for joining the game was that I got to keep everything from the game before. Jack seemed okay with that, and so he started me in the semi-ruined village of Steinroad. We actually got a good chunk of roleplaying in, there — my character, being the helpful sort, dug bodies out of the smoldering ruin of a couple buildings and buried them all right and proper. Elric was cordial with the other characters, though for a long time, it was just him and the young fighter, Elena. The two of them journeyed to a city called Yervales in pursuit of a kidnapped girl.

Jack’s setting was a crapsack world and it dramatically affected my portrayal of Elric. My character quickly evolved from being a wide-eyed idealist to a combat pragmatist, then to an action survivor over the course of a few adventures. He threw off his ideals and embraced a darker calling. It would take me several months and more than a few heated debates to realize the change for myself, though.