I got off to a bad start with Dave, the half-elf ranger in our party. It probably had something to do with how I was assaulted before I ever joined the party, which had put me in a right sour mood before I got to kill the hell out of the guys who’d kidnapped me to identify the artifact they dug up. My one and only healing power served the party numerous times in those early encounters, and it actually made it possible for us to take several encounters in one day, rather than taking a breather after every other fight.

But Dave didn’t let up once I started to prove how useful I was to the group. He’d still make the occasional snide remark (and still does, actually) about how I was slowing the group down and so forth. I began to reserve my healing powers (all one of them, that is) for the other guy, since I decided that if I had to choose between them … well, I knew which one I’d rather be stuck on a desert island with. It finally reached a point where I was willing to ignore Dave’s plight if, and whenever possible, so that he might die, “accidentally.”

I had no incentive to keep him alive — then we entered this one trapped room. Dave ventured forward while I remained behind to disarm a magical statue of doom, and he wound up triggering a water-trap room, which separated our party. “Great,” I thought, “all I have to do is show up a little late.” Well, I tried, but my better nature won through. I used my newly-acquired Bigby’s Icy Grasp to destroy the magical urns that were filling the room with water, saving Dave’s life. He became more courteous towards me after that, and I’ve saved his life a few more times since then. :P