The last couple days have been humbling for me. Several events have conspired (in a good way) to take me down a couple notches in my own mind, remind me that I’m just a man and that whatever I accomplish in this world, I’m only one person in it. And my response to being reminded of my place in the world? TRY HARDER TO MAKE IT A BIG PLACE. Push the boundaries of this world beyond the impossible.

Since I finished watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann months ago, I’ve looked to the hot-blooded determination of its characters with admiration and inspiration. “Do the impossible” has become my mantra. “See the invisible” has become my pledge. In a cheesy, Mighty Ducks kind of way, I’ve become obsessed with chasing after my potential and doing whatever I can to meet, head on, whatever the world has in store for me.

The humbling experiences have only helped to make me precisely aware of my location – where I am – to strengthen my resolve — I know my dreams will be my road map to where I want to go.

Row! Row! Fight the Powah!