I had this weird thought, that came rushing towards my conscious mind seemingly out of nowhere: okay, that was a lie, I had just watched a video review of a couple music videos by a good friend of mine: Lindsay Penn. I realized that with her face and her attitude, that she had something I would never be able to touch: she will always perform that video better than me. It’s a weird thought, let me try to distill it.

I don’t believe that anyone is better than me. I don’t think I’m better than everyone else, it isn’t a superiority thing, I just see that other people have more experience in certain areas than me. It isn’t a question of better, it’s a question of practice. The last couple years, I’ve been wrapping my head around the idea of talent, and how it fits into the equation of a person. Everyone has talents, and some people go their whole lives without discovering their innate talents.

Talents are things that a person just does better than most other people. In this case, Lindsay is pretty, she talks fast, and she shocks without being offensive. I don’t know much about the musicians she’s talking about but her attitude (with the help of video editing technology) grabs my attention and compels me to watch. I’m understanding what she’s talking about (not things I’d have noticed on my own) because she’s speaking a language I understand, and she keeps slapping my face to make sure I’m awake and focused.

That is something I know I’ll never be able to do, it’s something that uniquely hers (insofar as she compares to me, I mean — I’m sure there are other people who have similar qualities) and she owns it. I’m humbled by the execution of her talent.