When the “Basic Plot & Structure” panel ended, Josh and I decided we were ready to go. The convention wouldn’t end for another couple hours, but there weren’t any more panels and we didn’t really want to hang out in the video rooms or any of the gaming rooms. *shudders* After I made travel arrangements, we lurked around the convention for the next hour and a half, to see what there was left to see. We crossed the convention “strip” a couple times, but we were both tired and Josh was showing symptoms of con-plague.

We wanted to watch some anime on my laptop, but the battery was dead, so we crashed the “What Makes A Winning AMV?” panel so I could recharge the battery. They showed a couple of interesting music videos, but didn’t really have anything interesting to say about them. The presenter made most of the panel a declaration of love to his favorite music video author (whose work, I’ll admit, was interesting enough), but at least finished with a decent video from the “humor/comedy” category.

Josh and I stayed for the beginning of the next panel, which was called “Desperate Hollywood.” I’d already read the description, and it sounded like it was going to be a gripe session about how movies were being made based on treasured shows from the 80s and 90s. I predicted that the panelists wouldn’t have anything interesting or new to say, which is why I hadn’t intended on going to it in the first place. They didn’t prove me wrong, but they didn’t kick me out, either, so I’ll call it fair. :D