I think this was one of the best panels I saw the whole convention. (As I write this, it’s still the morning of the Day 3, but I’m not expecting to be impressed by anything else.) There were a couple hiccups here with a guy in the front who wanted to keep interjecting and I think he had a couple good points, but on the whole, I think he had a little too much to contribute and might have been better served with a discussion panel, rather than a presentation panel. xP

The panel was about how to “sell” your fan fiction on a website using some really basic writing techniques. There was a great refresher about word use and grammar, and I actually got a bunch of really great ideas for writing the chapter summaries for Rumors of War even though they’re, y’know, fiction fiction instead of fan fiction. *chuckles*

There was a great bit of discussion when the topic of spelling came up, which ranged to cover every point the presenter had intended to make before the first slide came up (this was another panel that had a PowerPoint presentation). Our presenter seemed confident and well-informed about the topic, and I would love to hear her talk in other panels. She made a great presentation out of what I’d have otherwise considered a boring topic, and she engaged the audience well. I give all of my points for this panel to its presenter. Yay! :D