The first panel Josh and I went to was “Indie Game Development.” We actually came in partway through the presentation, so we missed the beginning, which was probably why we were confused with what was going on. The guy running the panel had a cool little PowerPoint presentation (we saw several of these throughout the day) and he talked about some pretty basic design ideas. Actually, unless he talked about the game development in the first 20 minutes of the presentation, it seemed like most of the panel was about design, and in particular, plugging his own game.

Not that any of that is bad. I just find it funny because he made a point of explaining the difference between design and development. *chuckles* Anyway, he had us make a list of potential game development tools, and with some coaxing from the audience, we talked about modding communities and other projects. On the whole, there wasn’t anything new or interesting that I learned from the panel, but it gave me lots of ideas about how to run a panel about Indie Game Design.

Chatted briefly about NetHack and Dwarf Fortress with a couple of the guys who attended the panel. I was glad to see there were other Indie Game nerds in Northern Utah. I attached my name to a list of people to receive an email about an Indie Game Developers conference that’s happening sometime this month (presenter said the 26th or 28th). Learned the name of a piece of software I’ll have to check out, called “Inkscape.” Presenter works with a small studio called “Smartbomb” that’s located somewhere north of the Gateway mall in Salt Lake. Will need to remember for later. :/